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New Pacific School (NPS) small campuses offer free, innovative education with personalized, child-centered academic, social, and emotional programs. Project-based learning, foreign language, art, and a culture of responsibility, community, and leadership as part of our Leader in Me program.

New Pacific School builds connectedness between student, family, and school while providing students with the resources they need to become inquisitive and collaborative leaders, ready to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

2024-25 Enrollment Applications are being accepted for both our Roseville and Rancho Cordova school sites. Apply Today!

New Pacific School campuses open TK-5th grades in their inaugural year and expand grade levels to grow along with the students!

Learn more about our New Pacific School locations:

Prospective families have access to:

  • Call today for more information (916) 890-7579
  • Tours and online information meetings
  • Emails to keep informed of new campuses
  • Notifications of enrollment windows and procedures
  • Invitations to connect with our team in the community


Thank you, Pacific Charter Institute & New Pacific Schools for giving me the ability to chose my educational path.



New Pacific School empowers students to control their own education by focusing on self-esteem and self-efficacy. We support a self-directed curriculum that cultivates independent motivation to become lifelong learners. Our dedicated wellness teams support students social-emotional and student well-being.

Project-Based Learning

New Pacific students engage in interdisciplinary coursework with real-world applications. We provide children with a college-ready curriculum and opportunities for dual enrollment at community colleges. Students can explore their strengths through guided career exploration and counseling. 


Our small and multi-age classrooms cultivate a connection between school, parents, and students to build a firm foundation for social-emotional learning for all students at all levels. New Pacific School is a TK—12 learning community where students are empowered to be self-directed scholars and encouraged to embark on a rigorous, personalized learning plan supported by their community of caregivers, teachers, and peers.


New Pacific is tuition-free and inclusive of all students regardless of race, gender, language, or ability. Respecting others’ experiences and beliefs is an integral part of our social-emotional curriculum. New Pacific School is open to all!

Professional Collaboration

New Pacific School is committed to being leaders in whole-child education, inquiry-driven learning, and family partnerships through high-quality educational programs, school resources, and highly qualified school personnel.

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At New Pacific School, every student gets the support they need to thrive. 

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Registrar: Theresa Myers


Phone: 866-992-9033 x 3051

Fax: 916-924-6670

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