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Here at Pacific Charter Institute, we leverage our excellent community partners to provide our students with services that will encourage them to reach their fullest potential while meeting their educational goals inside and outside the classroom.

If you are interested in becoming a registered PCI community partner start by filling out our Pre-Check form to see where you stand. If you qualify, proceed, and complete the community partner application. If you’re an existing partner and are looking to submit an invoice proceed to our invoice submissions page.

PCI doesn’t only have great instruction, but it also helps figure out great opportunities for you.

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Review our existing list of current community partners to see who helps the students within the Pacific Charter Institute of schools reach their fullest potential.

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Interested in becoming a PCI Community Partner? Start by reviewing our Community Partner Pre-Check, if you qualify procced to the complete the application.

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Looking to submit an invoice to a Pacific Charter Institute school? Find the invoice inbox on our partner invoice page.

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If you are an existing partner, make sure to complete the community partner renewal form. Review the documents and information you will need when submitting your Partner Renewal Form.

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For questions or concerns, please email us.

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