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At PCI we provide a multitude of resources to empower our students to maximize their educational success. From academic resources to emotional and physical well-being support we have dedicated resources for all our students.

All the teachers help you in every aspect. They want to help you succeed not just like to graduate, but to succeed in life.


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The wellness of all our students is a priority at PCI. PCI began our wellness program last year with a confidential survey of students to ensure that they are in a good place. This successful process is now moving on to the next phase, which is the establishment of our Wellness Team. We understand that wellness is very personal, so we have created multiple confidential levels of support for your children.

You can submit a completely anonymous referral form for confidential wellness help. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, click the button below.

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Helping our students maximize their academic success is of paramount importance and is reflected in our student-first approach and the resources we provide.

Need help logging into resources like Excel Path or Study Island? Visit our login link page with a list of our student resource login links

In addition to the many subscription-based online programs PCI offers, we have curated a selection of high-quality, community-accessible resources for our students.

We offer a variety of online career courses to allow our students to explore career opportunities while working on their usual curriculum. Contact your counselor if you have questions about an online career class?

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In today’s age of virtual learning, play, and general communication, it is more important than ever to safeguard our children from potential online hazards. With this in mind, Pacific Charter Institute recommends the use of Common-Sense Media. Review our K—6th or 7th—12th online safety resources.

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