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At Pacific Charter Institute, we know the steps after graduation can be challenging. While our counselors are here to help with the transition, Pacific Charter Institute supports our graduates by providing our own internal scholarship opportunities.

Many of our Pacific Charter Institute staff members voluntarily support our scholarship program by making monthly contributions! We appreciate donations made by friends and family members to help our students continue their education and support the efforts of PCI.

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If you are currently a senior graduating from a PCI school in the current school year you can apply for a PCI scholarship. The scholarship application period is currently closed. Please check back in the spring of 2023 to apply.

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Make a tax-deductible donation directly and securely to PCI using the donate button below. All donations are appreciated and help us continue to empower students to take charge of their education by addressing their individual needs. Pacific Charter Institute 501(c)(3) #16-1727094. If you have questions about your donation, please reach out through our donation inquiry form.

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AmazonSmile works like regular Amazon, with the bonus of a donation made to PCI by the AmazonSmile Foundation per eligible purchase. Use our AmazonSmile link to log into your Amazon account and start shopping!

2022 Scholarship Recipients

  • Aiden Nelson
  • Aleshani Altan
  • Alexis Erickson Y Garza
  • Allison Cunningham
  • Alyssa Orozco
  • Amal Awnallah
  • Amy Peralta
  • Andre Muteba
  • Angelina Ramirez
  • Anna Kalmykov
  • Christophe Karleskind
  • Cody Freshour
  • Dallas Goolsby
  • David Kelly
  • Emily Millen
  • Ethan Fiore
  • Evelyn Xiong
  • Gabriella Caputi
  • Gavin DeVore
  • Isabella Morrison
  • Jadyn Moore
  • Jordan Moore
  • Joy Salo
  • Jules Magistrado
  • Kayla Stoeckle
  • Kylie Bradford
  • Kyrsten Bradford
  • Maggie Thomas
  • Marcelyn Brown
  • Molly Thomas
  • Nehemiah Howard
  • Rachel Tokheim
  • Raniyah Khan
  • Rebecca Nelson
  • Rehmanullah Roshan
  • Ruby Rodriguez Svityaschuk
  • Ruslan Normukhamedov
  • Simon Burgess
  • Sophia Outley
  • Sydney Shaw
  • Sydnie Lerwill
  • Thalia Ellison
  • Yani Melendez
  • Zara Rauf

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Compilation of the 2021 scholarship recipient winners
  • Aiden Lee
  • Alexis Daniels
  • Alla Pivnyuk
  • Andrew Delgado
  • Aniela Anuszczyk
  • Azami Abe
  • Brooklyn Erickson
  • Clara Nash
  • Colton Kelly
  • Elina Iushchenko
  • Emily Kerschner
  • Firdaws Alowdi
  • Grace Jarvis
  • Hunter Gibbs
  • Isaiah Camacho
  • Jaden Quintos
  • Jake Siders
  • Jasmine Cornwell
  • Jeannie Braun
  • Kelsey Casey
  • Lazuli Lune
  • Liliana Martinez
  • Lorraine Savala
  • Marcela Solis-Alaba
  • Mathew Cueva
  • Mehvish Hasan
  • Mia Schneider
  • Mykhaela Briggs
  • Nagiba AlAriemy
  • Natalie Michaels
  • Nathan Uebelhoer
  • Nathaniel Baughman
  • Nicholas Gladen
  • Raeyann Agrama
  • Sophia Yermolenko
  • Sophie Swisher
  • Sydney Acosta
  • Tayler Bradley

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Compilation of the 2020 scholarship recipient winners
  • Aiden Garza
  • Aiden Lu
  • Allyiana Mota
  • Alexis Smith
  • Anna Renton
  • Ashley Fisher
  • Brooke Smith
  • Catherine Richard
  • Cheyenne Kenney
  • Dashanti Emerson
  • Elisha Johnson
  • Emily Bunje
  • Esfir Gordovskaya
  • Grant Goolsby
  • Hannah Walker
  • Hasna Khan
  • Joshua Lutz
  • Julian LeForestier
  • Kassandra Anguiano
  • Katherine Metlenko
  • Kathy Castillo
  • Kaylee Christianson
  • Kennedy Felts
  • Logan Winn
  • Marie Pavloff
  • Owen Mink
  • Ricardo Marez
  • Ruth Jarvis
  • Samson Hulett
  • Vanessa Furze
  • Yire Castro
  • Yuliya Palamaryuk

Special Appreciation to the Following Donors:

  • Dr. Rex Fortune
  • Barbara Keefer
  • Judith Miler
  • Trevor Viegas

Staff Contributors 2022—2021

  • Abbott-Aronsen, Bridget M
  • Alfonso, Julie J
  • Anderson, Paula M
  • Aston, Debora L
  • Baker, Pamela O
  • Ball, Joy M
  • Bean, Nancy J
  • Bellecci, Marcella
  • Bettencourt, Rachel L
  • Bird, Jennifer L
  • Blesso, Rebecca M
  • Bradshaw, Laurie J
  • Brayton, Debra
  • Breakfield, Krista E
  • Breining, Christine A
  • Brook-Ellis, Jennifer A
  • Camargo, Vianey
  • Caputi, Lisa L
  • Chao, Jonathan
  • Chapman, Marguerite S
  • Chatman-Anderson, Rita R
  • Comer, Leanna W
  • Connor, Kristin A
  • Cook, Kahla L
  • Correia, Sandra D
  • Deardorff, Amanda
  • Diaz, Ruby L
  • Dutton, Katherine L
  • Eaton, Shelly L
  • Eberhardt, Amber J
  • Ellis, Michelle M
  • Enos, Catherine S
  • Ferrer, Carla V
  • Franco-Matteoli, Danielle N
  • Geist, Janine G
  • Giannecchini, Kahla L
  • Gomes, Cheryl M
  • Greenhouse, Kimberly L
  • Grill, Marcie L
  • Ham, Sherri L
  • Haney, Anne K
  • Hines, Althea A
  • Hodgson, Sharron E
  • Hollinside, Malika
  • Hurn, Sherri L
  • Johnson, Denise M
  • Jones, Stacie A
  • Karlsrud, Kristin A
  • Keefer, Paul A
  • Law, Kaitlin J
  • Leader, Rebecca A
  • Leedy, Leslie J
  • Leonardo, Jodi A
  • Long, Jennifer A
  • Marczak, Suzanne M
  • Mariano, Heather
  • Marquiss, Anne-Marie
  • McClain, Michael J
  • McInerney, Jennifer
  • McLaughlin, Daniel T
  • Medrano, Isabel L
  • Mendoza, Miguel R
  • Meyers, Theresa Z
  • Mittan, John
  • Moore, Susan L
  • Munn, Cheantell N
  • Myers, Rebekah A
  • Myers, Theresa K
  • Navarro, Murray S
  • Nguyen, Jessica
  • Pastore, Larry M
  • Pattee, Candida
  • Ramos, Angela
  • Ribota, Timothy A
  • Rodriguez, Julia A
  • Ross, Quanee
  • Schnase, Luanne P
  • Schneider, Matthew W
  • Semeryuk, Lyudmila
  • Shankarappa, Nicole D
  • Sharp, Kristina
  • Sparrevohn, Loana P
  • Spratling, Christine J
  • Stack, Scott A
  • Stern, Michael J
  • Urfer, Lorraine R
  • Vernier, Donna F
  • Ward, Mary E
  • Washington, Kassondra L
  • Wilson, Heidi A
  • Woodbeck, Raymond
  • Ziccardi, Christine L
  • Zowjah-Malik, Jeri L
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