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Valley View Charter Prep graduates with their families

Read first hand how PCI has helped educate and make a lasting impact through the words of current and past PCI students.


All the teachers help you in every aspect. They want to help you succeed not just like to graduate, but to succeed in life.


It’s not just a school; it’s a home away from home.


I learned what I needed in ways that worked for me.


Thank you, Pacific Charter Institute, for teaching me how to be ready for anything while keeping my individuality.


PCI doesn’t only have great instruction, but it also helps figure out great opportunities for you.


I’ve had one of the most amazing high school lives one could have!


My life has been completely changed.

PCI Parent

I love that I get to spend more time with my kids, and they have the opportunity to freely explore their interests while receiving a great education.

PCI Parent

My child struggled to feel confident in a classroom full of kids. PCI‘s homeschool system was the alternative they needed to thrive academically.

Girl sitting on stone bench and reading books

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