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Hello, Pacific Charter Institute Families and Students.

The wellness of all our students is a priority at PCI. PCI began our wellness program last year with a confidential survey of students to ensure that they are in a good place. This successful process is now moving on to the next phase, which is the establishment of our Wellness Team. We understand that wellness is very personal, so we have created multiple confidential levels of support for your children.

  • School counselors are available to receive confidential discussions regarding your child and can elevate to our school psychologists as needed.
  • The PCI Wellness Team is made up of psychologists, school nurses, and school counselors.
  • The PCI Wellness Referral form is confidential, anonymous, and can be left by anyone in the PCI family with the ability to attach images and screenshots as needed.
Two PCI students walking hand in hand

The wellness of all our students is a high priority. Submit our completely anonymous referral form for confidential wellness help.

Please remember if you have a mental or medical emergency you should contact 911 immediately. Any referrals that are completed over the weekend or after school hours will be addressed as soon as possible on the next school day.

Thank you for being a member of the PCI community. We appreciate you all.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.
The PCI Wellness Team

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