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The Pacific Charter Institute is led by Executive Director Dr. Paul Keefer and our diverse board members with extensive careers as educators and educational thought leaders. The leadership of Dr. Paul Keefer and our board have shaped our policies and continue to work daily to achieve our mission.

I love that I get to spend more time with my kids, and they have the opportunity to freely explore their interests while receiving a great education.

PCI Parents

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As a charter school leader, Dr. Keefer couples his past experiences working with UPS and his dealings with Fortune 500 companies and applies them systematically to students in public education that are continually left behind.

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,,Our Board has a strong record of educational leadership, stability, and fiscal responsibility. The outstanding academic success at the schools under Pacific Charter Institute, strong and stable management, unqualified audits, and healthy fiscal reserves are reflective of its leadership.

For information on upcoming board meetings, or recently held meetings, visit our Diligent Community Portal.

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Our notices and policies are great resources to review for all Pacific Charter Institute families.

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Post-pandemic Fallout? Don’t give up hope yet, California.

No one will argue against the fact that the pandemic changed our children's lives in ways we possibly cannot begin to imagine. Most recently, California's K12 public school state test scores reflected a general learning loss across the state. No one should be shocked,...

How to End the Battle over Homework (for Kids and Caregivers)

  Families of even young students have been reporting increased stress and anxiety around homework. It’s heartbreaking for educators to hear family time is replaced with homework battles to the point the parent-child relationship is suffering.   Does this sound...

Back to School

School Starts August, 15th!We can’t wait to welcome our independent study and homeschool students back on Monday, August 15! All of us at PCI hope you and your families used the time away from academics to gain new experiences that will inform your individual learning...

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