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  • I Spy: Find words at home that rhyme with things you see around you.
  • Use junk mail and old magazines to find and cut out the letters of the alphabet.
  • Pick 3 letters and draw something you can see outside your window. Tell a family member about what you drew.
  • Make alphabet cards (uppercase or lowercase), then tie a string between 2 chairs to make a clothesline. Have your child order the letters and hang them on the line using clothespins.
  • Sing nursery rhymes with one another.
  • Pour a small amount of sugar, salt, flour, sand, shaving cream, foam soap, etc., on a cookie sheet. Have your child practice writing letters, names, words on the tray.
  • Rhyme time: “I am thinking of an animal that rhymes with big. What’s the animal?” Answer: pig. What else rhymes with big? (dig, fig, wig)
  • While at the grocery store, have your child tell you the syllables in different food names. Have them hold up a finger for each word part. Eggplant = egg-plant, two syllables. Tomato = to-ma-to, three syllables.
  • Practice beginning sounds with this simple “I spy” game at home, on a walk, or at the grocery store. Choose words with distinctive, easy-to-hear beginning sounds. For example, if you’re in the bathroom you can say, “I spy something red that starts with the “s” ssss sound (soap).”
  • What books are you reading this month? Scroll down to see what is on our bookshelf.



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