Our homeschool students have access to a generous educational discretionary resource account. Families can use this to select curriculum, access educational services, attend school organized field trips, and more.  We provide flexibility to parents by offering three ways to access student accounts:

  1. Select educational materials and supplies from our approved materials community partners and provide list of items to their teacher
  2. Select services such as lessons, classes, and tutoring with approved service community partners and provide details to their teacher
  3. Purchase approved materials or services out of pocket and receive reimbursement through our parent reimbursement program

The budget guidelines in our Parent Handbook must be followed with all account use, and teacher input and approval is required for all purchases and reimbursements.  See below for helpful links:

Student Budget Guidelines

Guía del Presupuesto Estudiantil

Руководство по Использованию Бюджета Студента

Approved 2021-22 Community Partner OPS Search by Charter School

NOTE: If you are unable to locate your favorite partner in the 2021-22 OPS Search above, their renewal for the new school year has not been completed. Please reach out to the partner to complete their renewal for the 2021-22 school year which was sent by CommunityPartnerRelations@pacificcharters.org.

(Note:  Per their request, City of Lodi – Hutchins Street Square has requested to be removed as an Active Community Partner with PCI.)