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The online resources listed below are available FREE to all our students!

Please ask your teacher for login information!


What is VOLTs:

  • VOLTs is a resource available to parents/teachers/students to assist in weekly and/or daily ELA and Math instruction. Journeys (ELA) and Go Math will be used to guide instruction

  • Weekly pacing guides and FREE curriculum is available

  • Support available for Math grades 2-6 and ELA grades 2-5

  • Parents can access the materials via

  • For each week there are worksheets, progress check ins, and videos

  • Can be used as a support to families new to homeschooling, families struggling to teach at the rigor that SBAC requires, intervention (SSTs), etc.

  • Weekly classes will be recorded and available on the VOLTs Weebly page

What’s the difference between “Virtual” and “Online” classes? While both use the internet to deliver content, our unique PCI Virtual Courses have a live and local teacher communicating with students in REAL time.  Students also have the opportunity to see and talk with fellow classmates while the class is in session!  Students do have the opportunity to catch a recorded class if they miss.

No need to find your shoes, class is where you are!

Click here to view the PCI Virtual Course list and descriptions!

The Virtual Advantage:

Flexibility – attend live class online from any location.

Support – Taught by highly-qualified credentialed teacher AND free in-person tutoring available in multiple locations

Collaboration – students have the opportunity to work together and to get to know their peers in real time

Current and accredited – activities and problems meet current standards and pacing to ensure that students are adequately prepared for future courses and for standardized tests.

Transparent – Parents are included in all student communications and in some courses, given the opportunity to evaluate student daily work while weaning student off of dependence on parent instruction.   Classes are recorded so that students and parents may refer back to any lesson on their own time.  Timelines, assignments, worksheets are given in advance so that families can plan their homework schedules.

Tools  – Technology tools provided (laptop with camera &  writing tablet input device–if needed, noise-cancelling ear buds with microphone).  Textbooks and other tools provided as well.

Time  – Most classes meet 2 days per week for 90 minutes (virtual attendance required) and have 3-4 hours per week of homework (study/practice time).  High school science classes also require wet lab attendance (see schedule for location & time choices)


Online Career Classes!