Our family is new to the world of homeschooling and we've only been able to do it with the support of Melissa, our teacher from Sutter Peak, who has given us so much guidance & linked us to the resources that are helping to take some of the burden. Hands down, the BEST thing about our program is our teacher, Melissa Hyder. I wouldn't have been able to homeschool my daughter at this point in our lives, but Sutter Peak made it possible for us to get the help & support that we needed to make this happen!

L.C. - Parent

This is Home Schooling with help. I like that our teacher monitors our daughter's progress without being overbearing. Our home school teacher is lovely and very easy to work with.

J.C. - Parent

We enjoyed a tutoring and accountability resource along with the personal attention and help. I love how flexible & understanding Sutter Peak has been. They really seem to understand the demands & benefits of homeschooling, and are very supportive.

K. Taylor - Parent

Having the freedom to provide learning opportunities designed specifically for each of my children. The best of both worlds -- access to resources, while maintaining the freedom to support your child's strengths and learning styles.

A.E. - Parent

This is a publicly funded charter school, which gives my children the opportunity, through independent study and organized classes, to choose a curriculum that best suits their level and learning style. The teachers support the parents to establish individualized educational goals, and then discover/gain resources and learning opportunities that help meet those goals.

A.E. - Parent

Flexible support. We enjoyed the hands-off teacher and her appreciation for my child's self-directed learning. We had fun learning a lot this year with our teacher supporting us by helping us find supplies and listening to my kid's interests.

K.W. - Parent

An excellent pathway to discovering the best way to educate each individual child. The best part of the program is the connection we have with our teacher and the quality time she spends guiding us through the school year. So glad to have found a charter program to fit my children’s needs and this program provides a good foundation for learning and connection while homeschooling.

D.D. - Parent

I highly recommend Sutter Peak! Providing the Work Sample packets ahead of time is very Pro-Parent! We really appreciate it! I have had the best experience at Sutter Peak for my first official year of homeschooling! I love getting to customize lessons for both of my children (who have very different needs). I love that my children get more one on one time in a single day than they would get in an entire week in a public school classroom!

Stephany M. - Parent

It is wonderful program and their standards are very high. They have wonderful teachers and staff, who are always there to make sure each student does their very best. The high standards they have and the teachers are great. We like the curriculum because it’s very good, the teachers are always there to help if it’s necessary, they’re on top of what is needed for each student, and they make the atmosphere very friendly.

Maria I.E - Parent

I drove by Heritage Peak the other day and was very grateful of all of my teachers but especially for you [Scott S.] and your love for teaching. You made it fun yet life changing. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your example and everything you taught me! It really did make a difference in my life. Currently I am doing an internship in Davis at a financial planning firm in which I analyze assets in client portfolios and make recommendations about possible alternatives. I love it and I know that it’s because of what you taught me in those classes early on in my education regarding investing that guided me to where I am now. I plan on getting my CFP within the next two years and then plan on working for a wealth management/retirement planning firm. My job in Utah while I attend school is managing 17 employees at a campus help desk in which we cover a wide variety of responsibilities including ticket sales, marketing on campus, and a list that runs on too long in my opinion. It's crazy to think of myself in that position attending meetings with VP’s of the school and being a leader. If you would’ve told me when I was 12 walking into your Pre Algebra class that I would be where I am today I wouldn’t believe it! Thanks again for your impact and all you did for me. I hope all is well with your family.


I love the flexibility of the program and how it gives parents everything they need to help their children succeed. I love the options of being able to choose between very structured classes and not very structured classes as we can customize based on the unique characteristics of each child. Virtual classes, educational resources, fieldtrips. This is the best program offering the best of both worlds! Live online classes, resources to seek out other classes and resources the world has to offer, and wonderful support to both parents and students.


It is an opportunity that is awesome to each individual student's needs and skill set. The electives along with the choice of books and curriculum enhance my childrens' interests. I like the fact that different teacher's gifts are tapped to teach the children a variety of lessons from musical instruments to clay artwork. There are so many classes taught here that you would never get in a regular public school setting. The freedom to learn without all of the distractions of a regular classroom.

E.F. - Parent