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We can’t wait to welcome all of our students back on Monday, August 14! All of us at PCI hope you and your families used the time away from academics to gain new experiences that will inform your individual learning styles and goals for your future.

Our teachers and staff are here to support you during the 2023—2024 School Year. We all work collaboratively to ensure your needs are met.

Experienced educators founded PCI on the belief that student empowerment and individualized approaches to learning created a more inclusive and more educated society.

If you need a quick refresher before school starts, we have fantastic learning resources and strategies to help our students succeed, including the PCI’s homeschool discretionary resources, curated free online community resources, and support and wellness services.

Backpack with school supplies around it on a chalkboard

Make sure to review the student calendar for the 2023—2024 school year.

Together, let’s make this the most successful year for our students at Heritage Peak Charter School, New Pacific Schools, Rio Valley Charter School, Sutter Peak Charter Academy, and Valley View Charter Prep!

Young Ruslan Normukhamedov

Medical Assistant and EKG TechnicianYoung Ruslan Normukhamedov had desired a career in the medical field, but as one of three sons of a struggling single mother, that desire appeared to be an unattainable dream. Then, while he was a sophomore at a nearby public...

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