What is Headways?

Headways is a unique high school credit recovery program that can get you back on track to graduation!

Earn up to 20 credits in 6 weeks! 

Headways is now offered at:

Contact the resource center near you now to connect with a counselor.  Space is limited!


-Open to 11th & 12th grade students

-Students attend twice a week for three hours each session (6 hours minimum on-site)

-The dedicated staff works closely encouraging and guiding students through a rigorous credit recovery program where they can complete a maximum of four course – 20 credits – every six weeks, allowing students to complete 120 credits in one school year. This comprehensive program takes one to two years for students to earn their high school diploma.

-Special Program Options:

  • EKG Technician
  • Medical Terminology
  • Southwest Airlines Professional Communication Certificate
  • Free tutoring
  • Small group instruction in Math and English
  • Academic Counseling
  • Access to Wrap-around Support Services