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Broadway Resource Center

RVCS Broadway hosts a 7th through 12th grade independent study as well as a credit recovery program for struggling 11th & 12th grade students. Students meet with their credentialed teacher onsite and work towards earning their high school diploma. Our Broadway site also offers free certification programs.

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RVCS Broadway offers:

  • Small group learning environment
  • Onsite weekly teacher meetings
  • Multiple online resources available
  • Opportunities for Home Healthcare Provider Certification, Southwest Professional Communication Certificates, & More
  • 11th & 12th grade Credit Recovery Program

Our Credit Recovery Program: 

12th and 11th grade credit deficient students can work in this fast paced program which allows them to earn their high school diploma.

How the Program Works:

  • 11th grade students who have 80 credits or less, and 12th grade students who have 120 credits or less are eligible.
  • Students attend the resource center twice a week for three hours each time.
  • Student/teacher meetings are scheduled and are the same days and times each week.
  • The school year is broken up into six 6-week sessions. Each session is a HEX.
  • Students take a maximum of four courses (a total of 20 credits) during each HEX.
  • Teachers work with students and monitor their progress to help ensure success.
  • On- site free tutoring is available daily on a drop-in basis.
  • The curriculum consists of a hybrid of textbook and online classes.
  • The expedited course work allows students to graduate on time, with their peers.
  • Students participate in a full graduation ceremony in May.

3301 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817

Ph. (916) 451-0401  Fax: (916) 451-0403

Registrar: Theresa Myers    866-992-9033 x 3051    FAX: 916-924-6670