Current Vendor Invoice Submissions

Please submit your invoices by clicking on the appropriate school below:

Heritage Peak Charter School:  About F.A.C.E.   H.E.L.M.   Homeschool Guild   Rio Linda   Vacaville   West Sacramento

Rio Valley Charter School:  Broadway   Elk Grove    Lodi

Sutter Peak Charter Academy:  Sutter Peak

Valley View Charter Prep:  Valley View

If your purchase order begins with 37, 42, 43, or 44, you may also submit your invoice via our OPS Vendor Portal   (Login information should have been provided to you upon receipt of your first purchase order, please contact the school’s Business Technician if you need a login. Note you will have a different username for each school).

Special Education Vendors:  Heritage Peak    Rio Valley    Sutter Peak    Valley View

Please note that PCI is no longer requiring current Active Vendors to reapply each school year. Instead, we are requesting current Active Vendors to update PCI with any changes to their services and business information. Changes can be made at the PCI Active Vendor Update page. All services should still continue to take place between the first and last day of each school year. In the event that an Active Vendor should decide to be removed from our Active Vendor List, they may do so by completing the request on the PCI Vendor Removal page.

 Active Vendor Protocols

Vendor Invoice Requirements